Python for Rookies

A First Course in Programming

NB This book is now a decade old and uses a really rather old version of Python. So whilst the pedagogy and general programming and software development content is still good, the code examples are just too out of date to be useful. After a long hiatus, the authors are going to create a second edition based on Python 3.6.

Python for Rookies is designed to help students learn how to program.

Using the Python language as a tool, the approach taken teaches students the fundamentals of programming and re-enforces good programming practice. Written for students studying a variety of degree subjects such as Games Technology, Creative Computing and Multimedia (where core Computer Science is applied to the Arts) the pace and breadth would also be suitable for a one semester introductory programming course for all computing undergraduates. We hope that the example programs, chosen to enliven and motivate will also be very relevant to a range of courses and the varied ambitions of people who need to acquire programming skills.

The book covers programming from small script-style applications to larger pieces of software. The emphasis remains on problem-solving, even through the introduction of common libraries and object-oriented programming.

Test-oriented development is an integral part of programming and learning how to incorporate a unit test early on will take away the frustrations of producing buggy software that doesn’t run. It will provide a framework to support your learning of programming.

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